Life Sculpting 101

Dec 19th, 2011

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Life Sculpting 101

For Angelo Frasier, ‘Living healthy’ includes making healthy lifestyle choices everyday… for life.

Angelo Frasier is the rage. The Charleston native is a nationally renowned expert on fitness and diet. There may be no other man in the fitness industry as big as Frasier – both literally and figuratively. His has a massive presence; yet the wit, insight, and conversational acuity of a late night talk show host.

Frasier trains the best of the best. His body toning, fitness, and healthy maintenance program has made him the most sought after trainer in the pageant business. They come from everywhere. It is not just the convenient proximity of his West Ashley gym, ‘Fit Body by Angelo,’ that has been on the schedules of a succession of Miss South Carolinas and Miss Teen South Carolinas, but the perspective of his outlook. That brings them from afar.

“I teach life lessons in fitness. We prepare ourselves by our diet,” Frasier explains. “From eating healthy the body can reach better levels of health. Exercise then becomes a natural enhancement.”

Frasier brings all of the benefit of living well to the fore. He is an ordained minister, a student of physiology, and a discerning motivator. He loves history and tangentially contrasts the social impact of Booker T. Washington with that of W.E.B Du Bois.

“Du Bois had personality. That resonated with others and made him a much more effective spokesman.” Frasier noted.

Frasier came from the same Charleston Heights neighborhood that produced Lonnie Hamilton III, Hillery Douglas, Citadel basketball legend Rodney McKeever, and Naval Academy football coach Keith Jones. After graduating from Burke High School, Frasier completed his college as a football player at the University of North Carolina. His degree is in Business Administration. It was at UNC that his girlfriend entered a beauty pageant. Frasier helped her work out and she became Miss North Carolina.

The reputation began. It seems that every winner of every pageant gets his name and a strong recommendation. So, they fly into Charleston and learn from the best. Miss Louisiana, Miss Teen North Carolina, Miss Alabama – they have his cell number and his attention. In fact, the former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, found her way into the national spotlight by dating the University of Alabama quarterback, A. J. McCarron. She knew the exercise routines, scheduling discipline, and healthy approach of Angelo Frasier well before the scrutiny of a national television audience at the BCS Championship game on January 7th. She can thank a fine gene pool and Angelo Frasier.

“My driving philosophy is that we need to use our core by doing simple things. You can exercise sitting at your desk. Tighten your abs and release ten times. Use your chair as part of your daily routine. The chair is the best gym! You can do aerobic exercises there easily. Squeeze a ball. Stretch. Press against a wall. Use two cans of soup to lift and exercise your arms. Anybody can exercise. You do not need equipment. Walking is essential. As we get older we should embrace aging by preparing our bodies efficiently,” Frasier postulated. “We’re not all designed to look svelte, so it is essential that we be beautiful where it counts – on the inside. We need to keep our bodies healthy, alive, and functional. The good news is that the media has brought out so much of what makes us unhealthy – sugar, flour, salt and glutens. Our livers and our kidneys take a beating. We need to keep them healthy by what we eat.”

“For some people, our vanity keeps us from being healthy. We age. We get sedentary and we get heavy. We think to ourselves that ‘exercise and diet are not for me.’ But everyone can and should exercise regardless of age, body type, and schedule. Everyone should recognize what makes a healthy diet. There is much benefit in B vitamins. They keep us alert. There are other organic foods and multivitamins we should take. And we should try to make the world our gym,” Frasier continued.

Frasier makes the world his gym. He holds outdoor fitness classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston. They are very popular.

Through a series of misfortune, Frasier was at once down to his imagination and five dollars. His trusted partner in a burgeoning fitness business was a former NFL football player. Frasier was teaching health and fitness to soldiers at Ft. Gordon – the first civilian fitness center ever installed on a military base – when he became the victim of fraud. His partner took the money, was caught, and is now in federal prison. But Frasier was left broke. The $5 would soon be spent, but his imagination exhibits extensive reserves.

“I began again where I had started before. I had no gym, no clients, and no funding source. That would seem to be the circumstances of doom. But I did have an idea.” Frasier intimated. “I knew that I could still train people and my love of the outdoors was shared by many others. So I started an outdoor fitness class. I had lost more than a million. I thought I could find my way back by believing in myself and keeping the faith. In the years that followed, I was able to make my way back.”

The same principles that make for a healthy body can be applied to building a sound business. It took discipline, imagination and a large dose of commitment. It’s much like any other life change one might consider – a new diet or a new exercise regimen. Frasier is an expert at both.

Frasier, a large and imposing man with the sincerity of friendship and the depth of character to persevere, has made a life for himself again. He cannot sit anywhere for a long time without the recognition of his expanding entourage. They all know him. They like to hear him explain what seems difficult to the masses in the simplest of terms.

“You need to rid yourself of what is unhealthy – parasites and toxins. Everybody has these from out daily intake and lifestyle. After that, the rest is really pretty easy. There are three things to do. First, you must become flexible. You should stretch every day. We cannot sit around and let nature take over. You’ll atrophy and deteriorate without stretching. Keep your joints healthy. Next, you have to build endurance. Do every little thing a little longer each day. You have to expand your lungs and be willing to get your respiratory system to peak performance. And lastly, you have to build strength. Our muscles will also atrophy without keeping them tuned. We can do much of the strength training by simply moving. Walk! Do it briskly. Keep your capillaries healthy by making yourself active,” Frasier detailed.

“The science of the body has been much more helpful. You can see much by following the phases. From baby to toddler to a young kid to puberty to adulthood and to aging adult, there are changes we can predict. Within this process, we have seen the incidents where some have tried to trick nature. There have been integrity issues in bodybuilding and athletic performance from the use of human growth hormones and steroids. The latest is the Lance Armstrong case. But there has been so much over the last decade. Just look at what it has done to Major League baseball with Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa – among so many others. You cannot cheat the body.”

Frasier continued. “As we get older, the pituitary gland begins to shrink. The amount of synovial fluid lessens. We tend to get joint problems like arthritis and we want to ‘give in’ to it. Here’s a point that we all should know about aging and health: a person who eats right without exercise will live longer than a person who exercises right but eats horribly. So, eating right is what I preach. Exercising is what brings you from that point to being the best you can be. You can use that philosophy at any age. It’s a winners point of view.”

W. Thomas McQueeney is a graduate of The Citadel, a recipient of the Order of the Palmetto and the author of two books, The Rise of Charleston & Sunsets Over Charleston.

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